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The PRO-TECH-MA conference is an annual event organized alternately by three universities: Rzeszow University of Technology (Poland), Technical University of Košice (Slovakia) and Lublin University of Technology (Poland) since 1999. In 2023, the conference was also co-organized by The University College of Applied Sciences in Chełm. So far, the conference was organized by Rzeszow University of Technology in the Academic Glider Centre in Bezmiechowa. In 2024, the event will take place in Rzeszow for the first time.

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          Academic Glider Centre in Bezmiechowa

The PRO-TECH-MA conference is a scientific event that provides an opportunity for discussions involving different communities and academics, as well as the exchange of views and research results, providing constant inspiration for the formation of international research teams. The aim of the conference is to support innovation through cooperation between industries and R&D capacities. It sets goals and policy measures linked to research, innovation, and technology. The goal is to build on key synergies resulting from competitive advantages of the innovations and technology transfer.

Its programme includes leading keynote presentations, parallel oral sessions, workshops, active labs and other practical activities, discussion forums, poster presentations, commercial exhibitions, business meetings, outstanding networking opportunities, and exciting social events.


Conference Organizers - prof. Emil Spišák (Technical University of Košice), prof. Feliks Stachowicz (Rzeszow University of Technology), prof. Zbigniew Pater (Lublin University of Technology)


PRO-TECH-MA 2016 - Bezmiechowa (Poland)


PRO-TECH-MA 2022 - Depułtycze Nowe (Poland)


PRO-TECH-MA 2023 - Herlany (Slovakia)

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