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  • Progressive materials for engineering production, their properties and evaluation methods of technological processing

  • New observations from theory of technological processes of metal forming, welding, joining, surface treatment, machining and plastic processing

  • Progressive mechanical engineering technologies

  • Additive technologies

  • Experimental, computational, and simulation methods in mechanical engineering technologies

  • Tools and fixtures in engineering production

  • Products and production designing

  • Ecological aspects of mechanical engineering technologies

  • Automotive production

  • Advanced materials and trends in the formation of new surfaces and coatings

  • Surface engineering, triboprocesses and corrosion processes

  • Industry 5.0 challenges and risks


The full papers will be published in one of a regular issue of:

Papers might be also publish in special issues of Materials -  e-ISSN 1996-1944 and Open Engineering - e-ISSN 2391-5439  journals.

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